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Easy Nuts,
A revolutionary nutcracker of a unique and patented design.

Unlike the more common nutcrackers and those already existing on the market,
Easy Nuts boasts numerous advantages in terms of safety, effectiveness and ease of use.
How much importance do you give to your Safety, to the Safety of your Family and loved ones?
How much would you really want more Safety and Comfort?

Easy Nuts is very safe to use as it no longer generates dangerous shell fragments projections;
everything remains contained inside thus avoiding being hit in the face,
or worse, in the eyes, from the projection of splinters,
in addition to keep the table and the surrounding environment free from shell fragments scattered everywhere.
Easy Nuts is very safe to use as we no longer run the risk of getting the fingers or the skin crushed painfully
as with the most common nutcrackers;
the hands always remain away from the crushing area and from the fruit to be opened.

And then ... Easy Nuts is Very Easy to Use!
Unlike all other nutcrackers, Easy Nuts works differently as it does not require any crushing force
making it so easy to be used by everyone in the family.
Easy Nuts is very effective with all types of nuts, including almonds that are very hard to open.
Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia. None will resist!
Easy Nuts offers us another significant advantage over the most common nutcrackers,
letting the opened nut remain whole.
.. Finally we can really enjoy whole opened nuts,
instead of, once opened, having to pick small crumbles among the fragments of the broken shell.

Easy Nuts expresses
Safety, Innovation, Functionality and Elegance.
A Wonderful Nutcracker of a smooth and elegant design you will show on your table at every occasion.
A Marvelous object at a cost accessible to all Families.

Easy Nuts is manufactured with the highest quality materials
such as solid wood and stainless steel,
becoming a very Valuable and a very appreciated Gift for any occasion
as well as an excellent idea for wedding favors and corporate Gifts.

Easy Nuts, a revolutionary nutcracker of a unique and patented design
- 100% Made In Italy -


Rediscover with Easy Nuts the pleasure and all the benefits of shelled nuts,
and see how you can improve your Wellness.

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EasyNuts  di  Daniele Cipolla
Treglio (CH), 66030, Italy.
P.IVA / VAT: IT 02641720699